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Designer Jeweller in Sydney - DK Jewellery Design is located in the Sydney CBD. Creating unique and custom-made designer jewellery pieces View our designer jewellery gallery including diamond jewellery, coloured gemstone and pearl jewellery. DK Jewellery Design is a small jewellery boutique located in King Street, Sydney. DK Jewellery custom make designer jewellery pieces for clients in Sydney, Australia and internationally. Designer Jewellery Wish List Information on diamonds, diamond jwellery, pearls and coloured gemstone jewellery. Located in Sydney and providing unique designer jewellery pieces and custom made jewellery.
How do I care for my Coloured Gemstone jewellery?
Look after you Coloured Gemstone jewellery as carefully as you would any other precious item.
  • Avoid wearing your Coloured Gemstone jewellery when involved in activities that could cause damage such as active sports, gardening and the like.

  • Apply perfumes, colognes and toiletries before you put your jewellery on.

  • To clean, use a mild solution of soap and water. After letting your jewellery soak, gently clean with a soft child’s toothbrush in behind the stones, beware not to clean jewellery over hard surfaces as dropping it may cause damage. Rinse thoroughly, and lay on a soft cloth to dry.

Beware of water with porous stones like coral, turquoise and opal doublets/triplets.

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