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Designer Jeweller in Sydney - DK Jewellery Design is located in the Sydney CBD. Creating unique and custom-made designer jewellery pieces View our designer jewellery gallery including diamond jewellery, coloured gemstone and pearl jewellery. DK Jewellery Design is a small jewellery boutique located in King Street, Sydney. DK Jewellery custom make designer jewellery pieces for clients in Sydney, Australia and internationally. Designer Jewellery Wish List Information on diamonds, diamond jwellery, pearls and coloured gemstone jewellery. Located in Sydney and providing unique designer jewellery pieces and custom made jewellery.

The Ancient Egyptians, pre-Incan civilizations and the Spanish conquistadors all encountered platinum. The daughter of the King of Thebes, the great high priestess Shepenupet, is buried in a magnificent sarcophagus decorated with gold and platinum hieroglyphics. The Platinum still polished and untarnished after 3000 years.

Platinum was next encountered by the Spanish conquistadores, who give it the derogatory name 'platina', meaning 'little silver'. The Spanish after gold mistakenly dismiss it as an inferior metal and throw it back into the rivers.

Platinum’s melting temperature is twice that of gold and it wasn’t until the mid 1700’s when platinum was first able to be melted, by using oxygen when melting for a much hotter flame. In the 1780s King Louis XVI of France declares it the only metal fit for kings and its popularity grew from there.

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